Mission: To ensure that all students have Equal access to a High Quality education by eliminating all education related Racial, Ethnic, and Gender disparities.

  1. To Assist, Monitor, and hold Accountable, Loudoun County Public Schools in achieving its stated goal of Hiring and Retention of Staff (in all job classifications) that matches the Diversity of it’s Student population (currently approximately 40% minority).
  2. Eliminate the Achievement Gap – Currently a gap exists between the performance of White and Asian students and that of Hispanic, Black and other minorities in the subject areas of Reading, Math and Science. The Loudoun Chapter of the NAACP will continue to work with, monitor and hold accountable Loudoun County Public Schools’ progress in these areas.
  3. Eliminate the Disproportionate amount of disciplinary actions against Minority Students. The Loudoun NAACP will continue to monitor, assist and hold accountable Loudoun County Public Schools in their efforts to eliminate the disparity in the Suspensions, Expulsions and other Disciplinary issues on behalf of Minority students in Loudoun County.
  4. Transparency – Our Public Schools are funded by taxpayer money and should be fully TRANSPARENT. Transparency is the first step to holding our leadership accountable and increasing community involvement.

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