Youth Council

Become an agent of change!

The Mission of the Loudoun NAACP Youth Council:

To develop strong leadership skills in the areas of advocacy, activism, social justice and equality for all persons.

The Loudoun NAACP Youth Council meets once each month in local libraries. Our members hold offices in the Council and conduct the business meetings.

Recent activities have included participating in the annual Loudoun County Martin Luther King Day Celebration, volunteering at the Loudoun County Minority Voters Forum, presenting Loudoun County teachers the Marie Medley Award, celebrating Black History Month, and visiting significant Black History sites in Washington, D.C.

All persons up through age 25 and interested in learning about and working for social justice and equality are invited to join our group.

History Highlights: NAACP Youth and College Division

  • 1936: Division created. Organized demonstrations against lynching. Organized discussions on inequality in public education.
  • 1958-60: Participated in sit-ins to desegregate lunch counters.
  • 1961: Demonstrated for jobs and equal opportunities for Black workers.
  • 1965: After passage of Voting Rights Act, helped register over 350,000 voters.
  • 1966-81: Voter registration campaign targeting minorities ages 18-24 resulted in 40% increase in registration in this group.
  • 2011: Today, there are over 600 NAACP Youth Councils and College Chapters.


Phillip E. Thompson, President
NAACP Loudoun Branch

Al Barney, Advisor
Loudoun NAACP Youth Council